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Happy 19th!

Assalamualaikum, yeah we meet again. Alhamdulillah dengan keizinan Allah SWT , Amin dpt menulis warkah ni. This post I tribute to you! youuuuu the one who make me crazy after her. Lol. Sorry lambat post pasal birthday awak. :')

 Happy 19th Birthday Nur Fatyn Binti Abd Halim

a.k.a Hana Tajima right?

Alhamdulillah you've grown up! Dah sembilan belas dah. Syukran, you are still able live in this world ya. This girl is so much mean to me. Why? She's the one still stay in my life in whatever situation. Dia sanggup berkawan orang yang jahat and ego macam aku. Idk why, you can ask her anyway. You make me move on, Now I can forget everything that makes me feel so hurt till now. But now, I'm free of being hurt. Thank you Fatyn. You are so far from me but I can feel that you are standstill beside me.

I believe your study is good anyway right? MSU got the talent girl from Johor Bahru yang amat productive tentang fashion nowadays. I know you're good in fashion even you own boutique soon. Amin minta maaf ya segala salah silap Amin being your friend. I'm not good in friend or what. I miss everything about us.

Maafkan Amin ya, kali ni birthday takdapat nak join lagi. Janji manis Amin kt post yang tahun lepas hanya palsu semata mata. Amin harap Amin tk buat janji lagi, and I will surprise you when the times has come.
Maafkan dosa Amin ye, banyak dosa Amin pada Fatyn, macammacam Amin tipu and do bad things towards you. Amin tak marah pun even tak terasa hati when you tak datang my sister & brother wedding.

Alhamdulillah, I feel great and well now since you are become part of my life since 2011 until now and counting. I can feel that has something special about you, you inspire me to become person I have to be. :')

I sad when I read my lat year post about you. Things change right now.
Thanks for those advice, you make me stronger and stronger day by day. Alhamdulillah, I owe you everything in my life. I wish you can chase your dreams soon. Own a boutique, be a fashion designer and marry soon. I remember you tell me that you deserve to marry someone. Idk who but I be the first person who is your husband. Haha.

Be good caliph to your Creator, be good Daughter to ur parents and be good sister to your siblings. Amin doakan semua urusan mu berjalan dengan lancar and I know you memang ade title that I state just now. I got present for you even is a lot than last year Haha. You will be good in here and hereafter. Im sorry being change nowadays but Im not maybe its your perasaan or what.

Things change and people change right? Walaupun you didn't have time for me, but at least I have time for you. I keep texting you even you didn't replied, if reply pun you just state that you busy or what. I keep texting with my self. I keep waiting for your reply until morning. I don't know why Im doing that. Maybe im just concern about you. I'm sorry for being busybody, annoying and lame.

Anyway Happy Birthday again! Sorry lambat post, at least Amin dah tunaikan hajat Amin. Lagi satu maaf sebab tipu kata nak jumpa kat depan Kaabah, tapi semuanya dah dirancang olehnya, You dapat pergi, and i'm not. Sebab wedding my brother and sister semuanya tertangguh and tunda. I hope you dapat Umrah yang diredhai olehNya. Sorry for stealing your picture without any permission.

I keep dreaming about you, I don't know why. There is something behind this. I just miss like we used to......

Sorry for all disappointments and wrong doings towards you. I wish all the best in your life. May all your wishes come true. God bless

I hope I can see and come to your graduation two years from now. :')

          p/s : I miss hear your voice, your laugh, you wear purdah, your text, your advice and
everything about you but most importantly that I miss you so much. :') 

                                                         goodbye. Assalamualaikum

Nur Muhd Amin the selfish

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