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La Tahzan Innallaha Ma'ana.

Don't be sad; indeed, Allah is with us. [Qur'an 9:40]

Assalamualaikum, I writing this especially for me, you, us and everyone that living in this world.

I just want to said that just be strong and keep calm what have you been through or face
the dark world, dark past, or whatever it is.
We are human and slave to our god, Allah SWT.
Every second we breathing, He already plan something for us,
Are we going to die after this or are we going to continue our life?
So, its same with this. He already planned that after this or today or tomorrow
we're going to be tested with Him.
He want to test us because He loves us.
Thats why He sent us obstacle and test.
He want us to keep remember and don't lose faith on Him.

Its normal when our life became worst to good
But better don't good to worst.

I know its hurt for you to accept the fact that some people are trying to make u down.
But remember this,
"If those haters/ losers/ morons are not came into our life,
Sure your life don't have ups and downs".

Even those bunch of losers are make us or you stronger.
If we falling down, we get up right or
You fall and keep falling down and never go up
You will choose the first one right?

Just ignore those bunch of morons and desperato
"Keep Moving Forward & Never Look Back"

I know its hurt but
When you sad, you will remember Him right?
So keep pray and never stop.
He heard what you ask, seek and pray to Him.

Just accept all these as your test from Allah SWT
He sent this test because He loves you so much.
He loves his Caliphs.

Even we have our friends.
Tell them whats wrong with our life.
Express your feelings towards them
Tell them as friends, new family or bff or whateverla
They replace our family that so far away from us.
Friends are always be our backbone
When our family not around here
When we have problems, There always be there

Please don't be like me. I'm not type of person can easily share problems with others
Even my blood brothers
Seriously I tell you, Your life will ruin and very lonely if you be like me
I'm so heartless, emotional sometimes, not cocky,
imagine that something might not happen, annoyed and weirdo.
I'm so lonely

I'm not so friendly with stranger, but once you know me
You will know who I am.
Even i'm not so friendly but i'm not so arrogant
This happens since I started being creepy and brokenhearted.

Share with your friends what u really wanted to share with them
Be open minded is important but no to narrow minded.

Remember this.

So I written this as I could.
Sorry If I will make u cry and sad again.
Please don't let your tears waste on the wrong people.

Please, I'm begging you
I'd been hurt since 4 years ago till now maybe.
So I don't want some body to be like me.

This post actually for those who cannot ignore their haters
and who cannot stop their tears.

p/s : I tribute this post to you. The one that I didn't know maybe a stranger but your story are so sad
and I know you hurt deeply. Just keep calm and keep pray.

This post doesn't related with person who already died.


Sorry If some of the words are so harsh and not good to you
Please don't mad at me. I'm just posting this because I want it
and I know I'm so lack of knowledge about my own religion
Please forgive me if something I post does not related to.
I'm just post what I've been through since 4 years ago.
I'm so change. Thank you for understanding this EGOman.

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