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Midnight Memories

Remember that phone? Yes that phone that i'd been created a many memories with someone
that I can't forget about it.
I just want to tell you that I keep all your messages since we being together.
Even this phone cannot save a lot of text message I still able to keep the important messages
Its because the memory is so limited.
I didn't use it since both of us started to be a stranger and build a new life.
Both of us make our own way. Its been 4 years from now.
4 years. I still keep it.
But now its gone since I lend it to my friend.
He's accidental deleted all the messages that exist since 2010.
I feel upset and depressed when I heard that.
I quite sad but
I didn't kill my friend. I love him more when do that.
Because, he make me realize that all memories can keep in our mind and hearts.
2010 > 2014
I'm going to miss read all your text messages.
I used to do that when I miss you.
I'm sorry. I should not post about this but I had to.
I just want u to know that I still remember all the text messages that u gave to me even
the messages are permanently gone.
I still keep it in my heart.

R.I.P Your text messages

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