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One Republic.

Assalamualaikum and Hello Readers,
Haha readers? are you sure Amin.
What a lame i am, there is no one that gonna read my blog.
Because no interesting at all but who cares? Is my blog,
Its been a long time not update this blog. because i went to ____ ? ;)
So i wanna tell you that I win two vip tickets to One Republic Live In Malaysia 2013!. Thanks Hotlink!
I know i'm a regular user so i deserved to win right? Haha
The concert was held on 30th October 2013( same with my lovely sister's birthday )
Sunway Lagoon was the place of concert held. But sadly same concert with Mew and Explosion in The Sky
Those bands are awesome and playing experimental gen. Plus, they are British!
So i decide to went One Republic's Concert because this is their first time concert in Malaysia.
Well welcomed to Malaysia, Ryan ( the vocalist ) !
Even i win the tickets! So its FREE! Its just waste to spend 5++ to buy vip tickets.
My mind is stuck when i see this no and words "2" and "Two" .

In my mind :-
First, i said im not going. I almost give it to my sister. She's so happy heard about it because the concert was held on her birthday. But i don't want her to go because she's seldom go to concert and no one to accompanied her.
Second, I want to go with her, I think u guys know her. She's always appear on my blog every post indeed. Instead, since her birthday I don't give anything lagi. So this is small prize for her. At first she didn't refuse, she can go even so excited about it. But she had a final exam and the day of the concert is the day she's going back to Johor. So i'm so sad to heard about it. But im still happy because she's replied my text and created a smile on my face. Thank You.
So the Third, then I decided to go with my bestfriend, Azzim. This man has no problem at all but he makes me rushing like road runner bird and tension. Even you are so annoyed you are my best man. Thank you bro for lend your time with me. I'm owe you man. I fkng damn love you man. No matter at all. So we go and back happily. So much fun and full of tiredness. I heard general tickets holders said "The most boring concert ever" . Lucky me that im the one of the vip tickets holder. Haha. The worst moment that i'm not going to forget even till death, When police knock our hotel's door. LOL they thought I bring a woman and when they saw Azzim, they thought we are Homo. DAMNSON!Are u guys insane? Azzim is praying that time, Even Malay police still won't believe about it. What religion are you man? May Allah bless you Inspector! :)
So here's the pictures :) Thanks for read ghost! :) #ForeverAlone.

The Tix!

we looks weird doh

Ryan just come down to crowd section and sing with soul
Lol we got a front area.

spot us!

So here's a song that they perform. Most of the songs are my favourite!

He keep always mention "Malaysia".
I'm salute him because he respect our country, religion and race.
Keep making great music Ryan Tedder. 

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