I wish I was a Superman , I believe I can fly , and I Love My not exist Superwoman So Much .
all the pics in my blog are 100% taken by me , unless stated otherwise and some songs in this blog is my cover.
This is my photoblog and my diary blog , all tears , joy and happiness will posts here and my photography things too . AWESOME!


I hide my tears when i say your name and thinking about you,
but the pain in my heart, remains the same,
Although my feelings, try to tame and understand,
I can't see you, feel you, speak to you even contact you.
But I'm happy cause the more i'm hurt missing you,
the longer i fight to live because of Allah.
God has sent me a good friend to be with and is You
who the one make me change all of my life.
Guide me to the right path.
I may not get to see you
But deep in my heart i truly know
You're the one that i love and miss.
And i can't let you go.
But the reason for all is that i miss you so much.

My mom send her regards to you when i story about you to her.

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