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School Moment.

Assalamualaikum and Hi, so i'm writing this post with sleepy face- just for all my teachers, friends and all readers, make sure you guys read this! Actually i want post this before SPM but masa tidak mengizinkan. Haha. SPM is coming and School is getting over. :( i'm gonna miss all those memories with my friends, teachers and who know me as well. So here is journey... from i am the laziest person become a diligent person ( Ehyeke? ) haha. Banyak memori ku bersama mereka. I remember when i was young, mum always said. People come and go, but memories will stay. Especially these people.

My parents and family - Thanks being a best family i ever had. indescribable about you guys! Mak and Abah, I just want both of you keep supporting in whatever i do and keep pray for me. Siblings and Uncle and Aunty tak lupe juga my nenek!! You guys just like a rainbow that never give me a sad story. Always happy.

Cikgu Hj Abdul Rahman Bin Ngah - The best Bahasa Melayu teacher in Johor Bahru. Hehe. Kalau takde Cg Rahman BM aku takkan cemerlang sampai skrang. Alhamdulillah aku dapat Cikgu yang garang tapi hatinya lembut, Even Cg Rahman ni papanya kepada kawan aku Izzuddin. Walaupun Cg suka buat kitorang gelak, your power of teach cant beat others! InsyaAllah Cikgu terima kasih sebab jadi guru Bahasa Melayu saya pada tahun ni. Saya takkan lupekan Cikgu dan saya akan ingat kata - kata cikgu "Tak Solat, Tak Berjaya" dan "Selalu bersujud pada yang maha Esa" . 

Puan Hjh Siti Aisah Bt Maskan - Im Speechless when you said "I'm never been hurt by you guys" . Teacher you are the best event that happens in my life. I hope this is not last we're contact and meet. You just like my second mother and ustazah, im gonna miss you teacher, miss your voice, advice, your anger and your jokes. Hurm, InsyaAllah if i succees in future, i will meet you asap and hug you! Teacher, thanks be my English teacher, without you my essay sure will got false grammar and broken english &  also i can't speak fluently if you not around. i will never forget "Your Curse" to us ( 5 MPV ) haha. Idk why im still remember The Curse novel since you said "you will get my curse 2morow morning" Haha! Teacher, i will never forget about you , forgive me that always make you piss off with me, tak siapkan kerja sekolah, tak bawa buku. I will keep your words - "Be a Successful Muslim" , "Stay away from maksiat" , "Always pray" , "Be humble and Stay positive" , "Be grateful" .i love you teacher. 2 years with you like 10 years!

Puan Hjh Sharifah Azah  - My history teacher! She is the only one teacher yang paling garang, garang dia lebih dari cikgu Rahman. haha. There is time when dia geram, and start nak marah tapi takboleh sebab dia taktahan dengan classmates aku yang kaki pelawak!! Without her, i can't score my history A. InsyaAllah cikgu, i will do the best. I always pray for you and never forget about you. You always keep saying to me "Kat Universiti nanti ada lagi ramai, jangan broken heart sangat" , "Belajar bersungguh-sungguh, buktikan pada Dia even awak amik aliran sastera" , "Perempuan nak lelaki yang berpelajaran" . "Gagal sekali tidak makna gagal selama-lamanya sekiranya dia berusaha untuk berjaya, Berjaya sekali tidak makna berjaya selama - lamanya jika dia berhenti berusaha" , "Taat pada Allah SWT" . Actually, cikgu Sharifah knew about me and her. rupanya, Dia mencari-cari selama 2 tahun siapa Amin ni sebenarnya, at last dia tahu who is Amin and Amin's story. she always advice me. Terima kasih cikgu.

Puan Hjh Maimoon Bt Maso'od - My math mod teacher, The best Ustazah i ever knew. She's so strong face my innocent classmates. When im with her, i feel the courage and diligent to doing homework. She's so soft. She's never angry with us. She will angry with us when we are not doing our homework. but she's so calm, she never scream like tiger or lion. I'm so sorry Cikgu Maimoon, kalau tak siapkan homework. yes im admit, im so lazy. Even i hate calculating. but since she teach me, i love math so suddenly. I got B on my SPM result. alhamdulillah. Thank u cikgu!

To others Teachers - you also give me the meaning of L.I.F.E. you guys are so special. i won't forget about you all. You guys are sunshine of my life. Without you my life full of darkness. Thanks give ur kindness and service to us, Only God can repay your kindness. Thank you so much. Always love you. Thanks because showed and guide me to right path.

Last but not least, - My friends. Thanks being my friend, u guys willing to be my friend, i know im not the best/super friend ever u had right? Sorry for all my mistakes. I wish we have a better future. In Shaa Allah.

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