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Dear Mom,

Yelling at me will solve nothing.

Threatening me won’t stop me.
Punishing me doesn’t change me.
Arguing with me just pushes me away.
Keeping me under your close watchful eye makes me want to escape.
Forcing your system onto me hurts, but will never break me.
I am who I am: lazy, messy, smartphone addict, and a daydreamer. Stop trying to mold me into something I’m not.

I love you, but I wonder if you really love me.

Assalamualaikum Mak,

So here I am writing you a letter. Amin minta maaf mak , kalau before this Amin banyak dosa dengan Mak, Tapi tak salah bukan kalau nak dengar tazkirah/cadangan/idea Amin, Amin tahu siapalah nak dengar anak yang banyak dosa dengan IbuBapa dia bukan? Amin memang anak derhaka. Amin cuba untuk menjadi anak yang baik dan soleh tapi bila bab agama Amin cakap pada Mak, kenapa Mak tak boleh terima? Ye memang Amin jahat dulu tapi bukan lagi sekarang, sekurang-kurangnya terima dengan hati yang terbuka. Amin tak kisah Mak nak dengar atau tidak apa yang anak yang banyak dosa ni cakap. Maafkan Amin kalau Mak rasa Amin ni anak yang kurang ajar dengan Mak & Bapak dia. Amin tulis ni sebab takde tempat lagi nak luahkan hanya blog ni sahaja Amin boleh luahkan, selain itu Amin hanya luahkan bersama Allah SWT. Well, I guess I’m sorry about everything. I’m sorry that I’m being such a rebel lately. I’m sorry if I’m always taking it out on you when I’m mad. I’m sorry that I always talk back to you when you’re lecturing me. I’m sorry that I’m stubborn and that I don’t listen to most of the things you say. I love you, mom.I try to be the perfect child. No, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I love doing the dishes, my homework, or the laundry because the truth is; I absolutely hate it. BUT I TRY. I do my best to make my parents proud. I hold my anger and bite my tongue when I think of a rude comment. It seems like no matter what I do - it’s never enough. I want freedom. Not all of it! Just enough of it for me to handle. Is it too much to ask for? I understand that you’re trying to “protect” me. You’re doing your parenting, and I admire you for sticking to such strict rules but how will I ever learn? Mom, you can’t keep me locked inside and hidden. That’s not the life I want to live I don’t want to be scared, I want to be prepared to take on the world. I need experience because you telling me what not to do won’t teach me a lesson.
I am sorry for all my faults and flaws over the course of the past decade. I hope i made you proud with all of my accomplishments especially my SPM results soon and made up for all of the wrongs i have done. Please do know that i do think about you everyday, and you are always in my everything, even if it may not show. You are my inspiration and my motivation. You are everyone’s inspiration, and everyone misses you.
I wish that you could be around physically, and that i could crawl into your arms when times are rough, especially with friends problems. i wish i could spend another day with you.

I love you, mom. i’ll always be your little man

Looking back at this letter, i’ve grown and changed from then. Although i do have my moments where i do feel this still, for the most part, i know that my mom is proud of me. i’m not a screw up, i’m human. she loves me even with all of my faults and wrongs. i’m still a learning person, and i have a lot of growing up to do. i’m thankful for the life i was/am given, and i’m finally content with everything. She will always be proud of me, and she will always be with me; i will always be her little man. I love you so much Mom.

It’s so hard to find something this year because I realized, that I don’t give you as much credit as you deserve, flowers don’t do you justice. 
I want to pamper you, I want to hire an astronaut to write how much I love you on the moon.

I'm very grateful to Allah SWT because i have a special Mom like You :)Your son, Love you every day of the year,
Nur Muhammad Amin

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