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Happy Birthday Friend - Hawa

Assalamualaikum, sorry for the late post, its been thinking what  are words gonna use. Haha, Here is my best Hawa friend. was born on 14 March 1995, before Ajjim's birthday. She's so kind, hijabista girl, one of the perfect Hawa i ever knew, a good listener, responsible sister, a good daughter, anak yang soleha dan mithali and a perfect choice for Adam race. I know maybe you guys keep wondering who is the Hawa that i was write about right? Here you go....... *drum rolling*....... 

14 March 1995

at psychedelic store

on her bed somewhere lol

waiting for his future husband Haha

Giordano changing rooms *the day with someone la ni

with her brother @ mama's spa

her room with creative design by herself.

So this is it! Her name is Nur Fatyn Binti Abdul Halim, what a nice name right? She and me just like twin.  A very good listener, adviser and supporter. She's so kind and very nice Hawa i ever knew. I know if one of my readers is a guy, sure 100% he want her contact no, melting ( faint maybe ) and cannot sleep & keep thinking about her. Shes looks like Nadiya Nissa right when Nadiya wears shawl/hijab but Fatyn doesn't have mole like Nadiya does on right side of her mouth. Cannot doubt about Fatyn face, she's so pretty, cute, flawless, and stylish & indescribable person. Too speechless. Haha

Assalamualaikum, Fatyn, Happy 18th Birthday! dah besar dah dia. Alhamdulillah Allah SWT masih sayangkan awak dan Dia suruh awak teruskan kehidupan. :) Am i right? Always be a good girl, good daughter and good wife/mother soon. Dengar cakap parents, Kalau Ayah tak bagi, don't make cute face. Listen. haha Semoga Allah sentiasa merahmati Fatyn, berkat kan kehidupan ini, permudahkan segala urusan Fatyn dan makbulkan Doa Fatyn. Sorry i can't be with you on your special day. maybe next year on the right time and the right day. :D Don't worry i have present for you. Just a little things present maybe :P Yela Aminkan balik kampung, so takdapat nak join your celebration birthday's day. So maybe you can punished me haha. Untungla dah dapat license, boleh drive everywhere, but me cannot. Haha L pun baru dapat. Ni la padahnya orang yang dah bawa kereta dulu dapat lambat licensenya. By the way, Thanks for guiding me, support me and showed me the beautiful life. Thanks for your advise before this. You keep me stronger and always support me whatever i do. I move on. Thank You. I thanks to Allah, because we met each other and befriend since 2011 until now. Alhamdulillah. Sorry kalau before this, Amin changed or whatever padahal tak pun, Fatyn je rasa macam tu. Amin selalu doakan Fatyn and kawankawan supaya berjaya dalam kehidupan didunia dan diakhirat kelak dan tercapai citacita. Yela SPM result is around the corner , In Shaa Allah, Keputusan yang kite hajat dan doa selalu, akan cemerlang. Always believe in Allah and Redha. Allah always gives the best who always remember Him. Sorry lagi, kalau Fatyn rasa Amin ni annoying, yela kita lelaki memang nakal :P Haha. I hope you gonna get a boyfriend soon. Amin. itu satu doakan? In Shaa Allah, your wish to further studies in Australia is answered Soon. Amin. Tengokla Amin ni, bila lepak diam pemalu habis, bila cakap kat phone or writing about you mengalahkan rumusan 120 patah perkataan. Haha biasalah you know me well right? I hope our friendship not end here, it will always continue the journey. :) 
Sorry i can be the bestest friend like ur friend does. Im just Amin, no extraordinary. Please stay. Don't come out from my life. Doakan Amin berjaya dalam hidup didunia dan diakhirat tau. Kalau ada rezeki kita belajar samasama dekat oversea In Shaa Allah. Sorry for all disappointments and wrong doings towards you. I wish all the best in your life. May all your wishes come true. God bless. Assalamualaikum.

P/S : Looking forward to meet you soon. 

Your friend,
Nur Muhammad Amin

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