I wish I was a Superman , I believe I can fly , and I Love My not exist Superwoman So Much .
all the pics in my blog are 100% taken by me , unless stated otherwise and some songs in this blog is my cover.
This is my photoblog and my diary blog , all tears , joy and happiness will posts here and my photography things too . AWESOME!
Oh girls these nights are dull 
I wish that i could spend them with you 
I'm looking at this wall 
Repeating "girl i love you" 
Just take your pick 
They're all the same 
These things that you are telling me 
can't really show me how you feel 
I'm breaking down 
I'm falling down 
But now I'm breathing 
And now I am scared to move 
Don't listen to a word I tell you 
Just take me by my hand 
And I swear I'll make this up to you 

So now you want me to fix everything 
But baby theres so much and so little time to 
Replace the things I've broken 
Ripped apart, and thrown away 
You can say that you don't miss me 
I think about you everyday 

Oh come on girl 
There's so much to say 
So instead of kidding everybody 
How bout you try your tricks on me 
on me

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