I wish I was a Superman , I believe I can fly , and I Love My not exist Superwoman So Much .
all the pics in my blog are 100% taken by me , unless stated otherwise and some songs in this blog is my cover.
This is my photoblog and my diary blog , all tears , joy and happiness will posts here and my photography things too . AWESOME!

her Apple Perfume ,

mase kat KL aku pegi bodyshop , Aku tanya perfume dia ape ? Apple Bodyshop . 
then aku amik tester spray banyak kat bag porch aku , yela bila aku bukak wallet aku boleh bau dia . 
plus kalau rindu kan , hmm , 
tapi aku bukak porch aku sekarang bau tuh makin lame makin hilang . :'(
kenapa ? :'(

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