I wish I was a Superman , I believe I can fly , and I Love My not exist Superwoman So Much .
all the pics in my blog are 100% taken by me , unless stated otherwise and some songs in this blog is my cover.
This is my photoblog and my diary blog , all tears , joy and happiness will posts here and my photography things too . AWESOME!

Emma Jani

Bloggie\Assalam , here is Emma , Best layan kepala dia ni , kawan kak yann :) . umur aku ngan dia jarak jauh gle , dia form 5 , aku form 3 , Hahaa , lepas tuh layan mcm geng 606 . Hahaha . kesian dia ni kalau boleh harihari Sedih , taktahu kenapa ngan dia ni , kadang2 rumah kak yan banjir dengan airmata dia Haha , kan budak busuk ? so motif post bende alah ni nak korang thu yang Emma ni baik , cantik , ngada2 ah jugak , pendek *hahahah + banyak fans , WOAHH , :) . so Emma be strong , you will be find someone that always be there for you and spend with you everytime and everyday ,
 okay bubbyeee . :* muchooss 

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