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Photoshoot Sonica

Today was Monday ,
I wake up and see the sunshine bright my eyes :) .
then , i go to shower and wear a clothes ,
today i went out to istana ,
because have gath photoshoot with my dearest friend of Sonica
before i go , i text her , can i go ? then she release me .
i don text her actly but i acting like im text her and she allow me
sometimes im crazy enough -.-
so i stop text her because out of credit .
then kamal took me and sent me to azzim house , then
kamal and ejat coming too so we prepare everything ,
then i got call from aril , he says istana was closed because
hari keputeraan sultan johor
then i call all sonica members say we postponed after azzim back from bangkok
then , we don't know how to do , then ejat , azzim , kamal and me give and idea
they say want to go movie but no money , then we go kfc to have breakfast
azzim drive alza , acap join too .
then after breakfast , we sent acap back then , we four give idea .
what we do next ?
then we four say total our money and plus it together .
then got RM10.90 HAHA .
alza fuel is decrease ,
so RM10 ejat say to fuel oil this car .
then we fuel at petronas ,
we stop for a while .
give a idea again where we want to photoshoot ?
then azzim say we go old museum near teknik tanjung
we thought it open but not because today all shops it closed because sultan birthday
then azzim drive at junction near the museum we see a old building .
looks nice but very dirty place ,
then we parked at go in and take some pictures , :)
so that the story , i know it not interesting , buy you enjoy read it .
i will upload the picture as soon as possible :)
baiii -.- .

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