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The Day With Baby :)

peace be upon you :)

just now i had my half day with my baby ,
Your smile , your cute face and else .
That everything you do is super fucking cute
And I can’t stand it !
Pleasee sleep with me today Babyy :(
I don want to let you go !
Even we met todayy , i had not enough time with youu
Huaaaaaaa :((
I hope you're here in my arms
So i can kiss your forehead just before you sleep
Take a good care of you while you're sleeping
And wait until you're awake
So im always be there when you start to see this world :(
I miss you like hell !
Put yourself first okayy baby ?
Please don't get sick or i will cry non stop
If you fell sick , just rest and don't think anything
Just focus on yourself baby
Don't worry about me loverr :D
I will be just fine .
Haha dalaa cutee + lawa + Cantik Woww
Suke bole tengokk youu sayang :D
I hope i can meet you next week InsyaAllah
Lets pray together okayy Babyy Boo <3

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