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Classmates *Aim and Syafik
SKL *nama rokok
Is Ammar
Classmates *Bad and Acappang

Assalamualaikum , Today was so awesome . today my school had tournament badminton to all form 3 , so my baby boo entered this tournament without training and rules , *main hembus je main , Haha bedekak gile tengok dia main , macam budak baru belajar main bdminton , HAHA , ramai lah main , kawan2 aku yang aku syg , mula2 game ejatlaa buat kan dorang gelak ! HAHA :) . bongok ye Ejat , then pojan smpai quater , so bangga lah ade kawan mcm tuh , then kalah dgn harvind ! Amar make me proud too into semifinal singles . Then classmates make me proud of them , dua2 team into semi final , Jyeahhhhhh ! Good Luck Guys on your semi final Match , kalau menang aku payung mcd ! janji aku , cehh , padahal peringkat kelas2 jeee , BHAHAHAA :)) .

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