I wish I was a Superman , I believe I can fly , and I Love My not exist Superwoman So Much .
all the pics in my blog are 100% taken by me , unless stated otherwise and some songs in this blog is my cover.
This is my photoblog and my diary blog , all tears , joy and happiness will posts here and my photography things too . AWESOME!

Just want to be new Amin , im getting loser ! i need you !

i'm not the one i used to be

there is no one else like me
there is no one else
who knows me now
there is just now one else

i'm not the one to blame for this
i'm not the one who's so afraid for life
i'm not the one who wanted to know
i'm just not the one for all of this

finigers are frozen to dead
hearts are bleeding untill you cant see
words are falling apart cause nobody listen
whats happening next

untill you see
untill you hear
untill you feel
untill that day

i will wait
wait for another day
wait for a little more patient
waiting for something better

what does it mean that you can fight
what does it mean that you can listen
what does it mean at all
when nobody use it at all...

*you can see me , but you're afraid
cause you may lose me , you may fall
but i know for sure , i can't let you go
i can't let you go , loving you , is losing me
ohh my love , my love , why don't i grow cold ?
you don't see my fears and my wished ,
im here for you ! I promise ! I BELONG TO YOU .

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